Everything you need to know about MOANING DURING SEX, GOOD OR BAD? ?

Women moan during sex to communicate to their partners that they’re enjoying what they are doing. Moans are your body response to pleasure, save for those who fake it.

When you are enjoying yourselves during a sexual experience, you find it hard to control your bodies and the sounds it makes.

Moaning tells your husband that you’re turned on or feeling pleasure. A moan is a sexy, involuntary noise – you moan in the heat of the moment because you are overcome by sensation

Men also moan loud when they’re cumming. They moan during intercourse when they are about to cum too. Sometimes, it depends on the WIFE, though. If the sex isn’t very intense and all you’re doing is just “laying there” they’re not going to make any noises even when they cum.

Engaging in lovemaking is one of the most pleasurable activities that you can experience in marriage.

Some Christian couples believe that it is a sin to moan during sex. But none of them has yet given us scriptural proof that moaning during sex is a sin.

My dear couples, it is not a sin for Christian couples to have a ringing tone, (moan) while having sex to show how much they’re enjoying their spouse. ?.

There is no nowhereitten in the scripture that __Thou shalt not moan or scream with delight when in the throes of sexual passion.

Moaning tells your spouse that you’re turned on or feeling pleasure. Sexual pleasure is a gift from God. ?

Orgasm was God’s idea. And God wants you to express and enjoy sex with the man/woman you married!


Don’t just be quiet as if your mouth is padlock or lie down like a dead wood during sex. Be involved in the sex.

Moan. Do not try to hold in your moans. When you moan, you are letting air out and breathing in; this helps blood circulation, you feel aroused and makes you eventually climax.

It does not matter what you are moaning about, just make sure you are screaming and talking ?
Thank you ?


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